makeover an ugly card box

Crochet colorfully to make an ugly card box a new box. Give it to your child, meybe she/he understands her/his power of changing everything old to new, ugly to beautiful...


makeover some wooden clothes pins

Here is my clothes pin makeover. I once saw some clothes pin makeover in pinterest and they inspired me a lot. I recommend you to dive in that cuteness ocean and get lost. I used to let myself get lost in that crazy inspirational source but not do anything with all that hearth boiling inspiration. Now after… Continue reading makeover some wooden clothes pins

the robin bird on a jar lid

Here is an old jar lid coming from a used tin. I painted it with multisurface dye. The bird is painted on this with acrylic paint. I dye jar lids to keep in a cute and harmonic way in my cupboard. It is the first robin bird I drawed. I used multisurface dyes or a primer for shiny surfaces… Continue reading the robin bird on a jar lid