How to make Turkish coffee like a Turkish girl

It is nearly impossible to drink a real Turkish coffee if you go out of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Cyprus. Also in Germany there is a lot of opportunities for Turkish food and coffee too because there is a big minority there. I will share my knowledge and experience trough this article so if you find an opportunity to buy some Turkish coffee from somewhere online or a friend of yours maybe brings a pocket of it as a gift after a trip to Turkey. If someone you know comes to Turkey you definitely ask for some Turkish coffee, it is very cheap (less than 1,5 $ for 100 grams pocket) You can say thank you by coking a cup of  it for them. If you can’t find Turkish coffee, you can use a pepper grinder, and ground the medium roasted coffee beans to a fine powder.


You should have a Turkish coffee pot or a Greek one. The ingredients are for one cup but you don’t have to cook it one by one if you want to make for more people. You can cook them by enhancing the ingredients in a bigger coffee pot. Turkish coffee cups 2 – 3 fl ounce and called ‘fincan.’ You can make a more delicious coffee if you cook for two or more. Bur if you want to cook for six or more people I recommend cooking it separately. But not at the same time in different pots because making coffee is a matter of timing.

Ingredients (for 1 cup)

  • 1/2 tablespoon turkish coffee
  • 60 ml (2 ounce) water
  • 1/3 tablespoon sugar


  • Take a coffee pot and put the cold water in it.
  • Add your coffee and sugar. You can change the sugar amount but at first try to use the amounts I gave you. You can change it next time.
  • Stir them well.
  • Put it on low heat stove, keep stirring slowly for a minute and stop stirring now.
  • The cooker should be in its lowest degree from the beginning and you should try to cook the Turkish coffee as low and slow as possible. In a very short time you will see a foam starting to build up on top of it. At that point you should hold up your pot 4 inches away from the stove to lessen the heat even more.
  • You should keep an eye on the coffee all the time but at that point you should be more careful, you are coming to end. You should be seeing the foam gathering on the surface more and more. Put the coffee pot on the stove and let it get hotter again, by this you are lengthening the time of cooking in order to have more foam (Never let it boil. if it starts boiling all the foam evaporates immediately. ) At that moment the foam is dark and you should stir it very gently 3 times circularly. Now you should be seeing a lighter creamy foam. If you feel its going to start boiling before you lighten the foams colour, immediately hold the pot higher again. If you don’t see any movement approach the coffee pot to the stove.
  • When you succeed in string gently (to avoid destroying the foam) 3 times  don’t letting it boil and don’t letting it get chill, you can let it swell  only a little bit and pour it to your cup. The last two photos showing how it is supposed to look like at that point.
  • While you are pouring it to you cup, you should keep close to the edge or the coffee cup to avoid disrupting the integrity of the foam.
  • It is the simplest way of cooking turkish coffee. You should serve it with a glass of water. You should drink some water before and after it. You should drink it in small swallows. You can put a little piece of chocolate or turkish delight on the coffee cup dish. I put a marzipan, it is better than allll of the delights and chocolates on earth.
  • It keeps you awake for 4-5 hours so don’t drink it too late. We usually drink it a couple of hours after breakfast and after meals. In Turkish, ‘breakfast’ means ‘kahvaltı’, it is coming from ‘kahve altı’ and it means ‘something you eat before coffee’ in fact ‘under coffee’
  • Don’t forget that it is a strong coffee and you can lessen the coffee amount if you wish. Prefer to cook for two instead of one and share it with your best friend.

Secret Tip: You can add a half tea-spoon of cocoa powder for one cup. It tastes better.

I want to add something funny. We in Turkey, make coffee to the groom candidates family at the day of girl fathers giving permission them to get married. The groom and his family come and asks the girl’s mother and father if they let them merry. If the girl’s father (of course he talks to the girl and decides  before and it is a ceremonial asking) is positive the coffee is served. The bride to be adds salt and pepper to the grooms coffee and wait for grooms drinking it without complaining. It is believed to be the sign of his love and the girl nags at him a lot, if he doesn’t or cant drink it . But if you ask me, I don’t believe it. If I were the groom I would like to drink a cup of nice coffee at the end of this stressful night, and refuse drinking salty one. So I didn’t add any salt to my husbands coffee as an indicator of my love to him. 🙂



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