makeover an ugly card box


You all have ugly card boxes at home I’m sure. Here is a project for you if you know how to crochet. I used some yarn leftovers so this project costs no money and results in no more carbon foot print production. I have been using it  for storage of cooking aprons and kitchen towels. These aprons are sewn by my mom. She is a recycle and repurpose goddess and she sews and crochets all the time. My perspective of looking every piece of objects around me from the point of their repurposing and recycling potential and giving a chance to my old stuff instead of buying a new one is something that I learnt from her. She also taught me to do all that things regardless of our financial status. I believe every one of us owe our children this lessons. They should learn showing respect to the labour and environmental sources that their belongings contain within itself. Saving money come after it automatically. Yes saving is important but having a different point of view is more important than that because saving is something you are a little bit obliged to do in order to have a better life in the future and its boring. Moreover it’s not much motivating and restful to save money for an unknown and uncertain future. But utilizing and adding an artistic touch or/and some intelligence changes all the feeling. You feel like a friendly part of  the world, you feel useful, you feel clever, you feel talented, you feel like a magician yes think about it you have something new but you don’t have to pay for it, in addition to that its unique and only only yours. Giving your children this viewpoint not only make them environmentalists but also creative, open minded, richer, self-confident and happy.

What do you teach your children?


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