makeover some wooden clothes pins

Here is my clothes pin makeover. I once saw some clothes pin makeover in pinterest and they inspired me a lot. I recommend you to dive in that cuteness ocean and get lost. I used to let myself get lost in that crazy inspirational source but not do anything with all that hearth boiling inspiration. Now after having my baby although I have less time I want to take brush into my hand and create my unique cuteness in short naps of my little baby. These are from some of this short free minutes I let myself hear my hearths voice and relax. I recommend you to look clothes pin make over from pinterest , some more, and more and found some paint, pins and relaxation comes.

In this project20170216_131014 I used these paints but doesn’t matter I think whatever brand of acrylic paint you use. First go to a craft store and buy some paints from your favourite colors and some black white and golden tones. Buy a primer to use this paints on metal and glass too. come home and makeover your old stuff. First don’t forget to clean them and let them dry completely and start. Please let me see your work, share it with me and always feel free to ask questions  if you don’t know how to do.


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