New members of the jar lid family

I added some new members to my happy jar lid family. I want to introduce them to you.

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The new small member is from a shop that people goes in order to buy some stuff to make handmade gifts to give people in the events like henna night, baby birthday or baby shower. We, in Turkey, call the celebration which is done among the bride and his female family members and friends ‘henna night.’ This name is growing from the tradition of everybody’s putting henna in their palms that day. Anyway I have bought this tiny jars to make gifts for the people come to see my baby when it was born but I couldn’t find time to do it. Now I want to make some cute things like that and put something or give as a gift to my friends. I painted it with a multisurface acrylic paint and after letting it dry for a day put the dots with a thin brush. After that, I painted the little bow with relief paste and let it dry for an hour and painted with lemon yellow. I unfortunately realized that the paint started chopping and I decided to use a primer for these projects regardless the claim of the paints being multisurface. At least for that brand. On the other hand the lids which I painted with a primer for metal surface firs didn’t peel off a little even if its a glass it didnt peel of eihter. It’s a period of learning when you do this kind of hobby. especially if you don’t take any lessons. Making mistakes sometimes broaden your horizons sometimes. I find them shabby chic appearance now like it anyway. The blue jar lid with three roses in the center has a snowy effect you see and it is a fortunate result of a mistake I made. I used spray varnish and I it was my firs use of it I used it a little bit too much I guess and ta tat taaam I get the snowy effect on the roses. I will use it again. :))

Now I am going to begin painting baby food jars, some kind of tiny jars smaller than a Hipp baby food jars and painting animals. I will practice bunnies birds and if I can succeed baby deers.


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