Hunkar Begendi with chicken


Here is yesterdays dinner in our home. It is a very well-known Turkish food and it has many many versions. My husband also loves it and I’m gonna cook the versions in the future and I wish I can share with you. this food consists of two main parts. the firs part is begendi and the second part is the meat on it. Today I made begendi with spinach and it was delicious. I should tell you something about this food before I start telling the receipt. ‘Hunkar begendi’ exactly means ‘the king liked it’:)) But there is something more funny about appears when we describe the versions of it. For example my version is called ‘tavuk begendi’ in Turkish and if I translate it ‘the chicken liked it’ 🙂 anyway its delicious also it has a weird name. I am going to share with you the original Hunkar Begendi sometime in the future. But it is made with eggplant and you have to wait for it untill summer to try the original receipt. Here is the appropriate version for winter time. I wish you try it and let me know about the results. If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask me.. Dont be afraif of the lenght of the directions. I wanted to make it less complicated for you. I know that cooking something you have never eaten is a hard job.

Ingredients for the Begendi 

1 small onion (finely chopped)

500 grams spinach (finely chopped)

600 ml milk

3 tablespoons of plain flour ( the spoon should be filled moderately not too much not very little)

2 tablespoons of butter  (approx. 60 gr)

1 tablespoon of olive oil

black pepper (you decide the amount, add little by little to not to make it too spicy)

salt (you decide the amount, add little by little)

Ingredients of the chicken on top of it

500 grams chicken meat (doesn’t matter which part of it but boneless and skinless)

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon  butter

salt, curry or/and another spices you like


We will cook the ‘Begendi’ part first, the part you can see in the photo underlying green layer. Put the olive oil in the pan and add the finely chopped small onion. Cook until they start looking yellow not white and the smell of roasted onion starts coming. don’t let them turn brown it is not healthy. Add flour and one tablespoon butter and start stirring with a metal whisker constantly. don’t stop until it starts looking a little bit yellowish. again dont let it turn golden. you should start taking the smell of cooked flour and immediately start adding milk to prevent flours over cooking. you should add milk little by little to avoid it getting lumpy and at the same time keep stirring constantly. if it gets lumpy go on stirring with the metal whisker, they will go. cook it until it starts thickening while you keep stirring. let it boil for two minutes and add spinach. cook them altogether stirring occasionally for 5 minutes. turn off the oven and add salt and black pepper. black pepper is a must to get the real begendi taste. when you like the salt and pepper level of it, put it in a serving plate. well done you cooked spinach begendi.

Now you cut the chicken meat into pieces as big as a cherry. put the olive oil and butter in the pan and add chicken. cook it until the juice of the meat completely disappears and add the salt and the spices you like with chicken. Put it on the begendi. Serve hot. Ask  me if you have any questions.


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