My painted milk bottles

I painted these glass milk jars with polisan x 1 white. ıt is a turkish brand that is used to paint walls. It was very boring because many many layers were necessary to get a opac appearance. I have read somewhere that this wall paint is being used to paint furniture and bought them. I was planning to paint old bookshelf with that paint and then distress to get a shabby look. It is the subject of another post but its is Kismet that I used it to paint glass. surprisingly it is covering the glass and didn’t peel off since I had painted them 6 months ago. maybe you know the word ‘Kismet’ is a word to describe a lot of thing with 6 letters. Let me try to tell you. We believe in faith and make choices but we can never know how will it end. In this paint case it was exactly like that. In Turkish there is a saying kismet used in. Neye niyet neye kismet. It means ‘what you wish what you (or someone) get.’ I like learning sayings in other languages. The wisdom under one sentence always fascinates me and further more gives an idea of that culture more than everything books can teach you or you can search from the internet. I will translate you sometimes in the future more of them I hope.

I hand painted the flowers the little girl and the bird by using cadence artdeco and rich acrylic paints. I didn’t use varnish and I haven’t ever wash them. I keep salt in the blue one and in the second one with flowers I keep rice. The smaller one is empty. But it can be a healthy container for any legumes.


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